The Spann Report (Episode 88) “Here We Go Again”

On Episode 88 of #TSRP Spann is irritated by a certain segment of home buyers, what is this fool mad at now? The Pope visited the United States leaving a lot of people hopeful, and some downright confused. Derrick Rose gives his side of the gang rape allegations against him, do you believe him? And another tragic mass shooting has happened in Oregon, Spann gives a gun owner’s, and NRA member’s perspective. Listener feedback and more on episode 88 of The Spann Report!

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One comment on “The Spann Report (Episode 88) “Here We Go Again”

  1. Rebecca Yancy says:

    You seem really conflicted with this gun issue. Do you think that it’s because in the back of your mind that you know that even with the fact that you own guns, that it doesn’t mean you’ll be Rambo in a mass shooting situation? A lot of you gun owners seem to think that you’ll be cool under pressure, and that you’ll pull off some magical movie like shot, when the odds say you wouldn’t do anything but freeze up. Maybe it’s time for you to re-evaluate your stance, and quite possibly give up your guns, because the statistics say you won’t be using them to protect you or your family, your guns may very well be the thing that harms the ones you think you’re protecting. Just my two cents.

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