Mr. Spann

Underage Stripper Gets TWO Detroit Clubs Shut Down

A 15 year old girl, who was an impetus in the closing of one Northwest Detroit Adult bar when it was found out that she was underage. Has been found to be dancing at yet another Adult bar in Detroit a year later.

How Did Republicans Forget That They Were Also For Gun Control?

Watching videos about the various political arguments about gun control, one is prone to believe that it was the left and the Democrats whom have tried to disarm the masses. But what about the Republican and right leaning politicians whom have also advocated for the same things???

17 Year Old GOT SHE DESERVED Part 2

The follow up to the original video. Spann addresses those who question his “blackness” and reiterates his position of the 17 year old girl who got punched by the police got what she had coming.

17 Year Old Punched In The Face By Police GOT WHAT SHE DESERVED!

Mr. Spann speaks on the incident in Seattle where a 17 year old girl is punched in the face by Seattle Police Officer.

We Want Our Country Back!!! But Back From Who???

What exactly do these people mean when they say, they want their country back???

Abraham Lincoln Freed The Slaves, But Why???

We are taught in school that Abraham Lincoln was “The Great Emancipator” and that the Civil War was fought in order to free the slaves. But the words of Abraham Lincoln tend to not exactly coincide with what history is teaching us.

Light Skinned Vs. Dark Skinned And The President

Mr. Spann speaks on the recent ill conceived statements by Nevada Senator Harry Reid in the new book Game Change. Republican call for him to resign, and Democrats think the statement was overblown. HERE IS WHAT I THINK.

Tyler Perry Movies & The Black Gender Divide

With the release of Tyler Perry’s latest movie “Why Did I Get Married Too?” Mr. Spann asks the question of why these movies seem to spark such debate amongst black men and women.


The Proliferation Of Ignorant Niggas

Mr. Spann unleashes on the trend of ignorant people making their kids do foolish things for entertainment. Also speaks on reckless reproducing by those who aren’t really fit to be parents and those who are guilty of promoting this trend through Pop Culture.

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