(Episode 112) “I Turned Out Just Fine”

Join Mr. Spann this Saturday 4/29/16 at 4:00 PM EST on Spreecast as we discuss music streaming services, as folks pledge allegiance to their favorite service after the release of Beyonce’s newest album LEMONADE, an album that has set the think piece world on fire. More details are starting to emerge surrounding the death of Prince. (We may not know these people the way we think we do.) The Detroit Red Wings getting a name for their new stadium. (FOLKS IS MAAAADDDD ABOUT IT) And the Target bathroom boycott has picked up steam, why you ask, (#BecauseStupid) We may be coming to the end of the Presidential Primary shenanigans. (THANK GOD!) And later in the show, we talk about corporal punishment after a video of a father “boxing” with his son goes viral. We’ve got a new AssHat & Champ of The Week, all this week on The Spann Report!

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The Spann Report Podcast (Episode 46) “Keep Your Hands To Yourself”

In episode 46 of #TSRP, Spann talks to two women with two different perspectives as it pertains to street harassment and domestic violence. Ayana Weaver, and Karen of The Black Guy Who Tips both join Mr. Spann in Casual Conversations to speak on these issues as it pertains to Ray Rice, The NFL, Stephen A. Smith, and also share their own stories and their experiences with street harassment and domestic violence. And later in the show. Spann tackles the issue of the Detroit Water Shutoffs again in the listener feedback portion of the show. 2 and a half hours of podcasting people! Enjoy The Show.

Music Played During Show
1.) “Me & Those Dreamin Eyes of Mine” by: D’Angelo (Brown Sugar Album)
2.) “So Good” by: Leela James (Fall For You Album)
3.) “Geto Heaven Pt. 2” by: Common Feat. D’Angelo (Like Water For Chocolate Album)

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Casual Conversation with Mr. Spann Feat. Karen of The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast

In this Casual Conversation with Mr. Spann, Karen of the Black Guy Who Tips Podcast joins Spann to also speak on the issues of Street Harassment, domestic violence, and share reactions to the Ray Rice/Stephen A. Smith controversy. Sit back relax and enjoy.

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