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(Episode 167) “Dr. Spann???”

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On episode 167 of #TSRP Spann shares a few random thoughts that were swirling around in that brain of his. The Fourth of July has come and gone, why is it one of Spann’s least favorite holidays? The Republican led legislature in the state of Michigan is seeking to loosen the gun laws where ANYONE can carry a firearm concealed without a Concealed Pistol License, along with calls to decriminalize the possession of switchblades, are they going to far? And later in the show, Spann talks about our propensity to accept bullshit, so long as the bullshit is coming from someone with “Dr” in front of their names. All of that and more on this episode of The Spann Report!

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Two Legally Armed Detroit Women Fight Off Crime Within 24 Hours

Home invaders found themselves on the business end of a firearm after breaking into a home on Detroit’s East Side. It all happened around 3 AM on Whitehill street. The homeowner, who goes by the name “Ms. Dee” says she was home in her bedroom, when the initial intruder broke through her bedroom window. She then reached for her gun and began firing as more men attempted to get inside. Ms. Dee also suffered a gun shot wound to her leg during the firefight. There have been no arrest made and Ms. Dee is now home recovering.

In another story, a Detroit woman was able to fight off an attempted Carjacking on Detroit’s West Side. Tamika McNeil was approached by a 16 year old suspect when McNeil produced her weapon and shot the suspect. Police initially couldn’t find him until he showed up at an emergency room seeking treatment for his gunshot wounds. Both of the women involved are licensed to carry a concealed pistol by the State of Michigan.

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