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The Spann Report (Episode 70) “5th Times A Charm???”

Join Mr. Spann and his guest Rod from The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast as they discuss the growth of podcasting and the growing pains that come with it. Podcasting for a living and all of the work that it entails, and of course news that has happened since Episode 69. And that includes, Michael Eric Dyson writes a scathing piece about Cornel West, was he hout of line? A Grandville Michigan Auto Mechanic’s refusal to service the cars of gay customers, who’s humping at the garage? A Humpstead Long Island mother assaults a teacher for “Putting Her Hands on my daugther.” And more black men needlessly loses their lives at the hands of law enforcement, we’ll talk about the deaths of Eric Harris, Freddy Grey, and we’ll discuss if black women who are also killed at the hands of law enforcement being ignored. All of that and more listener feedback on Episode 70 of The Spann Report!

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When discussing the Maryland family that died from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Was the mother’s child support status a concern for you?

No, I wasn’t thinking about it at all.
I thought it was odd that a father was raising 7 kids alone, but wasn’t thinking about Child Support.
Yes, if it had been the mother, instead of the father, child support would have been a part of the story.
Yes, if the mother was paying child support, the power may not have been off, and there would have been no need for a generator.

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The Spann Report Podcast (Episode 50) “The Hits Keep Coming”

In episode 50 of #TSRP Spann speaks on new witnesses coming forward in the Mike Brown case, will charges finally be filed against Officer Darren Wilson? Actress Daniele Watt is detained in LA, after a very public display of affection with her boyfriend. Was it a case of racial profiling of an interracial coulple, or is this an example of a celebrity believing they are above the law? And later in the show, another domestic scandal for the NFL. Adrian Peterson, Running back for the Minnesota Vikings, has been indicted in Texas on child abuse charges. Spann ponders when does corporal punishment cross the line over to abuse.

Music Played During Show

1.) “What You Know About It” by: Big K.R.I.T. (Week of KRIT Mixtape)
2.) “Pitch In On A Party” by: DJ Quik (Balance And Options Album)
3.) “Clique” by: Big Sean feat. Kanye West & Jay Z (Cruel Summer Album)

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