(Episode 116) “Middle Ground? WTF Is That?”

On episode 116 of #TSRP Spann has was being stalked by a chicken. Yes, you read that right, a chicken. And every now and then, the job lets Spann do something really cool, yet also very important. And It’s SPANN’S BIRTHDAY! So we’ll celebrate a little bit. Mothers celebrating themselves on Fathers’s Day, is that really still a thing? The NBA Finals are going on right now, and folks swear it’s rigged. Well, it is right? And then we switch gears and talk about the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, FL. Was it terrorism? Was it homophobia? Was it radical Islam? And why do we have to then engage in a competition to determine who’s suffered the most? Should certain types of Firearms be banned? Lots of questions to be asked for sure. We’ll discuss them here. And of course we have a new AssHat & Champ of The Week, and new listener feedback! All of that this week on The Spann Report!

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The Spann Report Podcast (Episode 38) “Tale Of The Tape”

In Episode 38 of #TSRP, Spann talks about going shopping for Easter Clothes with his 11 year old daughter. Some Kid pocket checks Spann while at work, and later in the show, Spann gives his take on the reaction to the Mimi/Nikko Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Sex Tape, and Young Fly Red’s “Throw That Boy Pussy” music video.

Music Played During Show:

1.) “Love & Sex Pt. 2” By: Joe feat. Kelly Rowland (Doubleback: Evolution of R&B Album)

2.) “You See Me” By: Childish Gambino (Camp Album)

3.) “Ooh (She Got Me) By: Bobby V (Dusk Till Dawn Album)

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The Spann Report Podcast (Episode 36) “No Disrespect”

In Episode 36 of TSRP, Mr. Spann goes live! The first live taping of the Spann Report Podcast broadcast through Google +. And in this episode, Spann talks about Income Tax balling gone horribly wrong, 1st Black Person Memes, and whether or not they are funny or disrespectful. And later in the show, Spann talks on the coming out of University of Missouri Defensive End Michael Sam, and his announcement of him being a Gay Football player. All that and more on the first ever live broadcast of The Spann Report Podcast!

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Episode 36 As it was recorded.

Michael Sam Seeks To Become First Openly Gay Athlete In Professional Team Sports

You guys are going to have to forgive me for putting this in the Crazy News section. But seeing as how people’s reactions can sometimes be over the top. It just seems appropriate. Michael Sam, All American Defensive Lineman of the University of Mizzouri came out publicly as a gay man, just months before the NFL Draft. Seeking to become the first openly gay athlete in the for major U.S. Sports leagues. In an attempt to get out in front and tell his story before someone did it for him, Sam spoke with ESPN’s Chris Connelly to make the announcement on News magazine “Outside The Lines” to reveal not only that he was gay, but that his teammates have known about it for a year. Here is a brief video of the exchange.

The Spann Report Podcast (Episode 26) “Why The Fuck Do You Care So Much???”

In Episode 26 of #TSRP Mr. Spann talks about aggressive handicapped drivers, how to pick out a dope house in the hood, and automatically tinted windows on your car. And later in the show. Mr. Spann weighs in on recent comments by Lord Jamar, of Bran Nubian concerning Mr. Cee, Macklemore and Hip Hop’s attitude about homosexuality within the culture. And later in the show, Spann addresses those who can’t handle a difference in opinions.

Music Played During Show
Intro: “How You Love That” by: Big K.R.I.T feat. Big Sant (King Remembered In Time Album)
Intermission: “The Morning After” by: Emanny feat. G.O.V (Songs About HER Album)
Outro: “Thought Process” by: Goodie Mob (Soul Food Album)

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