(Episode 188) “Happy HallowThanksMas!”

On episode 188 of #TSRP Mr. Spann gets in the holiday spirit as Thanksgiving approaches, or does he? Gamers are calling for a boycott of the game Call Of Duty: WWII after footage of lynched men is shown in the game. Are historical depictions of atrocities off limits for video games in ways that they’re not for movies? A Texas Sheriff went to social media to track down a truck with a provocative sticker on it’s back window for prosecution. Would he have this same level of outrage if it were a Confederate flag? Roy Moore is turning into the R. Kelly of the political landscape as Alabama voters are choosing to stick by him despite at least 8 women coming forward to say that he had inappropriate relationships with them as teenagers while he was in his 30’s. A Tennessee State University Football Player, a Navy Pilot, and the Detroit Police all walk into Blue Blazes, we’ll talk about how they got there, and we’ve got AssHat & Champ Of The Week inductees this week. All of that and probably a little bit more if Spann doesn’t forget, this week on The Spann Report!

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The Spann Report (Episode 89) “A Clearer Mind”

Join us here at The Spann Report for a living taping of the show! This Saturday at 10:00 PM. In Episode 89 of #TSRP Spann talks about the upcoming Halloween holiday and wonders how many people will go out of their way to offend black folks this year. The Basketball Wives Finale aired earlier in the week, which one of the “wives” was trying sooo hard to keep them checks coming? Stephon Marbury calls Michael Jordan “greedy” for selling high priced shoes, did he have a point? ASSHAT of The Week RETURNS with a familiar name screwing up again. And later in the show, Spann tries to give this gun debate a more articulate response. Listener feedback and more this week on The Spann Report!

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