North Korea

(Episode 157) “Nobody’s Safe”

On episode 157 of #TSRP Spann gets back on the mic after the Easter break to discuss the events of the last week. What do you do when Popeye’s Chicken messes up your order? Was there a time where you did something crazy, but didn’t know you weren’t supposed to do that? And how far is too far when it comes to tanning? One woman has taking that, and damn near everything else to the extreme. Donald Chump and North Korea are ratcheting up the rhetoric towards possible nuclear war. (And Spann is too old for the draft.) Bill O’Reilly has been fired from his perch at Fox News. What was his ultimate undoing, and what could be next for the blowhard? And later in the show, we’ll discuss the actions of one Stephen Stevens, the Ohio man who randomly and brutally murdered a 74 year old man on his way home from Easter dinner with his family. How many Stephen Stevens are we ignoring, or making excuses for every day? We’ve got all of that and more tonight on The Spann Report!

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