Planet Fitness

(Episode 163) “Pocket Watching Is A Disease”

On episode 163 of #TSRP Bill Cosby’s trial for sexual assault began this week, and Planet Fitness earns a victory after fighting a lawsuit concerning the use of bathrooms by their transgender club members. Little Caesars is fighting off a lawsuit as well as Muslim customers in Michigan filed a class action suit alleging that they were served pork instead of Halal meats on their pizza orders. A homicidal nurse has been killing patients she deemed “mean,” and a Chicago bar is in the news for it’s alleged racist dress code. And later in the show, we’ll talk about why people spend so much time telling others how to spend their money. From the over the top prom send off events, down to the kind of car rapper Kendrick Lamar chose to buy his sister as a gift, unsolicited financial advice from strangers is rampant. Where does it come from. We’ll discuss all of that, and more right here on The Spann Report!

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