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McKinney TX Police Officer Resigns After Pool Party Video Outrage

From the Associated Press

“The police officer whose video-recorded actions at a North Texas pool party have drawn national attention and comment has resigned from the police force.

Officer David Eric Casebolt resigned Tuesday from the McKinney Police Department after almost 10 years on the force. His resignation was confirmed by his attorney, Jane Bishkin of Dallas.

A viral video showed him pushing a bikini-clad girl to the ground on Friday and brandishing his gun at other black teens after he and other officers responded to complaints about the pool party at a community-owned McKinney swimming pool.

McKinney Police Chief Greg Conley had placed the 41-year-old former Texas state trooper on administrative leave after the incident.”


Larry Wilmore & Jon Stewart Rip McKinney, TX Police, and the Fox News Coverage Of The Story

In a story that gets bigger every day. Larry Wilmore of The Nightly Show, and Jon Stewart of The Daily Show, both of the Comedy Central network, took to the airwaves to talk about the infamous pool party in McKinney Texas.

McKinney TX Police Respond To Pool Party Disturbance, Only Arrest And Detain Black Kids

Apparently, police were called to a disturbance at a pool party. Unfortunately, when the police got on the scene, the only people detained and manhandled were the black kids in the area. The video speaks for itself. Thankfully, the super trooper cop who goes out of his way to drag a teen girl to the ground by her braids, refers to the kids, as a “MOB”, and totally ignores the kids when they try to tell him they just showed up to go to a birthday party, has been put on Administrative leave.

McKinney Police Department Statement

The McKinney Police Department has also held a press conference to address this event.

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