On episode 153 of #TSRP Spann hits you up with a late night edition of the show. (Didn’t start recording until after 1 AM) But tonight’s show mainly focuses on the blatant disrespect shown to black women on all levels. Whether that be a United States Congresswoman from California, to a journalist in Washington DC, to a political commentator forced to try to explain racism to people who already know their being racist while feigning ignorance. Tonight, we’ll also talk about the ways in which some black men are complicit in the disrespect these sisters are facing on the day to day basis. We’ve also got poll results and more tonight on The Spann Report!

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After a 2 week hiatus, Mr. Spann returns to the mic to talk about the election of Donald Trump as President of The United States, what it means for America, and particular what it means for minority groups. Spann also addresses the dancing around the obvious elephant in the room, as the media, and politicians call for reconciliation after one of the most overtly antagonistic campaigns in a generation.

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