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The Spann Report (Episode 83) “Take Your Blinders Off!”

On Episode 83 of #TSRP Spann talks about Michael Jordan’s “investment in private prisons.” And how “little” he’s done for the black community in light of LeBron James’ recent $41 Million Dollar donation to the University of Akron to pay the tuition of 1,100 students. Shaun King was made to reveal an uncomfortable story about his parentage after conservative publication Breitbart challenges the #BlackLivesMatter activist on his racial identity. Was he another Rachel Dolezal? #BlackLivesMatter activist release a 10 point plan of demands to eradicate police brutality. Has the question of “What do they want?” been answered? And St. Louis Area woman Peggy Hubbard gives a scathing rebuke of the #BlackLivesMatter movement in a new viral video. Does she have a point? Dr. Dre apologizes to the women he assaulted in his past, after new attention is given to the issue with the successful release of the biopic Straight Outta Compton. Jared Fogle has plead guilty to child pornography possession, and paying minors for sex. In light of the scandal surrounding Bill Cosby, and most recently Derrick Rose, some have asked where is the outrage. We’ll discuss, along with listener feedback and more this week on The Spann Report!

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