(Episode 155) “What In Blue Blazes?!?!”

On episode 155 of #TSRP We’ll discuss the increasing number of sexual harassment accusations leveled at Fox News host, Bill O’Reilly. More Donald Chump supporters are finding themselves on the wrong side of a policy they once supported, and Chump takes military action in Syria, but why? And later in the show, an Uber driver was threatened with a false rape allegation by a belligerent passenger. She was definitely wrong, but was he wrong too? We’ve got a new Champ of The Week, and a new inductee into the Asshat of The Week Hall of Shame! Plus we introduce a new segment, tonight on The Spann Report!

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The Spann Report Podcast (Episode 23) “Who The Fuck Is Macklemore?”

In Episode 23 of TSRP, Mr. Spann gives his take on the public fixation on Miley Cyrus’ performance at the VMA Awards, with the United States drumbeat for an attack on Syria was happening. “Are some women unknowingly promoting rape culture?” Spann talks about the popularity of rape promoting memes. And later in the show, Spann talks about the popularity of using dead civil rights leaders to promote political agendas.

Intro: It Was A Good Day by: Ice Cube (The Predator Album)
Outro: Ascension Remix by: Maxwell (Urban Hang Suite Album)

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