I Did Battle With Ignorance… And Ignorance Won.

The Final Video of 2010 From Mr. Spann


One comment on “I Did Battle With Ignorance… And Ignorance Won.

  1. Cornelius says:

    Dear Mr. Spann,

    Greetings from Germany!

    This afternoon, I stumbled upon some of your clips on Youtube regarding your identifying as both a Christian and a Freemason.

    From these three videos, I came to the impression that you are one immensely bright, well-read and morally upright individual, valiantly trying to set some things straight which have been twisted time and again by people who wanted to gain power and money by playing the fears of gullible and uneducated people.

    However unsuccessful you yourself might feel to have been, I, as a brother both in Christ and the fraternity, greatly appreciate your effort to bring a bit of reason to some of those crackpots out there. I believe that God Almighty endowed us with reason and the ability to feel love and compassion so we use it. If others don‘t, or use it to spread hatred and fear instead of love and understanding, well, they will have to stand for it. At least nobody will be able to say that you didn‘t try.

    Respectfully and fraternally yours,


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