The Honest Truth (Freemasonry, Hip Hop, and Devil Worship) Part 6

The final installment and Last Word Mr. Spann explains the reasons for the series, gives his personal opinion on the topics covered in the video, and briefly addresses some of the contentions some have about the series.


  1. C. Di Pasquale says:

    Mr. Spann:

    I just finished viewing your Honest Truth Series and would like to congratulate you on what an outstanding job you did! As a fellow Christain and Mason I am proud of how you debunked the false statements and accusations by forerunner777 and GCraige Lewis. I am not saying this because I hold the same Christian and Masonic values as you, I am saying this because how you intelligently and factually broke the information down for your viewers. Take care my Brother and I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

    C. Di Pasquale

    1. Mr. Spann says:

      Thank you for watching.

  2. Mike says:

    Interesting, but a few questions. What about the Rothschilds funding both sides of wars? What about the walburg brothers funding both sides of WW1? Have you ever seen the film “NWO, secret societies, and biblical prophicies” by Leanard Ulrich? It breaks everything down on how wars were being started and that both sides were being funded by the same elite. You have not exactly talked about those issues you were just talking about freemasonry and the video did not dispute that the Illuminati exists. What about the political zionists involvment in WWII? Although you showed some misinterpretation by a few people, that does not exactly dispute that this world is being carefully planned by powerful groups of people. Just because some guy was wrong about a few things about hip hop does not mean there is no conspiracy going on out there.

    1. Mr. Spann says:

      The scope of the series was covered in the Title. The Honest Truth (Freemasonry, Hip Hop, & Devil Worship) The subject matter had nothing to do with who was funding WWII, and it wasn’t about refuting the existence of the Illuminati because the Illuminati did exist. If the series wasn’t to your liking fine. But I think you were looking for far more than the subject matter that was told to you from the beginning would be the focus.

      Good Day
      Mr. Spann

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