The Spann Report Podcast Returns October 16th!

Yes indeed fam, it’s about that time. The Spann Report Podcast will be returning on the 16th of this month and I can’t wait. It’s been almost 2 months since I did an episode, and it’s long overdue that I get back into it. I just want to thank each and every last one of you who have reached out and given me your support and your understanding in these last couple of months. And when the show returns, I hope for your continued support. You guys already know about the legal issue I’ve been dealing with, and there were some other things in my personal life that just had me not really feeling like being funny at all. But with time and patience, I’ve been able to navigate these issues, and I’m looking to come back better than ever. So again, thank you to every last one of you who’ve reached out, and are looking for more of the Spann Report Podcast. See you on the 16th!


Mr. Spann



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