The Spann Report Podcast (Episode 51) “Diary Of A Mad Spann”

In Episode 51 of #TSRP, Spann cooks on T-Mobile and their iPhone 6 roll out, celebrity relationships, their ups, they downs, and why we care. The NFL’s domestic violence scandal has put a black face on the issue, has it made us forget how universal the problem actually is? And why is black violence ALWAYS linked back to slavery? And later in the show, Spann responds to listener feedback.

Music Played During Show

1.) “I’m Talking To You” By: T.I. (King Album)

2.) “American Royalty” By: Childish Gambino feat. RZA (ROYALTY Mixtape)

3.) “My Homie” By: Schoolboy Q (Habits & Contradictions Album)

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