March 28, 2015

The Spann Report (Episode 67) “Racism… I’m Exhausted”

In Episode 67 of #TSRP Spann interviews friend of the show and Founder/CEO of Taurus Protection Agency about leaving Chicago, moving to Atlanta and starting his own business. How the business has grown, and what he’s learned from the mistakes he’s made in the business. Later in the show, Spann talks about the Detroit man beaten by Inkster Police, a black man is found hanging in Mississippi, was it suicide or have white people completely lost their minds and lynched this man? We’ll discuss the media’s reaction to the story. George Zimmerman has spoken about Trayvon Martin, and God’s Will…Again. A white man exercises his right/privilege of Open Carry in Michigan, is this an educational practice, or is it problematic? Is the Apple Watch worth $10,000? and did Dr. Umar Johnson REALLY prove that homosexuality is a mental disorder? Did I mention that I was tired??? All that on Episode 67 of The Spann Report.

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