Major iPhone 6S Leak Reveals New Features

In a bit of Apple news, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, a well known industry insider has confirmed news of some of the purported new features of the upcoming iPhone 6S, and iPhone 6S Plus. Some may excite Apple fans, and others may leave them somewhat disappointed.

– A new A9 Processor capable of 25% more power than the previous A8 chip. This processor will be built by Samsung.
– There will be a bigger camera sensor in the new iPhones. 12MP cameras will now replace the 8MP sensor that is in the current model iPhone
– Double RAM, up to 2 GBs of RAM where the current models only have 1 GB.
– A stronger aluminum chassis, for increased rigidity. (And maybe an end to “Bendgate”)
– Force Touch Input which was a feature introduced with the new Apple Watch, and the Macbook Pro, will find it’s way onto the new iPhones.

As with all leaks, one can never be too sure. But Ming-Chi Kuo has had a good track record of having good information on these matters.

Check out this video from our friends at CNET for more coverage!


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