The Spann Report (Episode 92) “All She Had To Do…”

Join me this Halloween at Noon, for Episode 92 of #TSRP. Spann thinks his XBOX is punking him, is he tripping or what? The Walking Dead has killed off a very popular character of the show, or did they? Glenn’s similarities with one of Hip Hop’s beloved icons is uncanny! A sharpshooter scares off two robbers, with her rifle. And The Pew Research Center says Gun Violence is actually DOWN over the last 20 years. A shooting happens on the campus of Tennessee State University, and makes national news. Would the national media even care if the shooting happened a block away from the school? We have a new AssHat of The Week, can you guess who it might be? and later in show, we talk about the student who was assaulted by Officer Ben Fields at Spring Valley High School in South Carolina.

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