The Spann Report (Episode 98) “Protect Your Daughters”

It’s a bonus show! Spann couldn’t stay away! On Episode 98 of #TSRP we talk about a bit of a clash between Ashy Niggas, and Spann during Christmas Eve, as it relates to the recent R. Kelly Huffington Post interview disaster. This started after Spann shared a Madame Noire article addressing a series of tweets by Tariq Nasheed condemning the host of Huffington Post Live for being “disrespectful” to R. Kelly. Now Kells is a victim of white supremacy… Yeah right! Then another development happened. Popular YouTuber “DaNiggaWitThaTattoos” also weighed in on the R. Kelly situation via facebook. And let’s just say, this nigga and a scary number of his followers have some pretty “immature” views as it concerns this topic and situation. Disappointingly, more black men take to social media via facebook, YouTube, and other mediums in a misguided show of racial solidarity concerning R. Kelly. Listen in as Spann does what Spann does.


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