The Spann Report (Episode 99) “By Consent, What Do You Mean Exactly?”

Back for the New Year! Join Spann LIVE this Saturday afternoon at 4 PM EST as we get back up to speed from the holiday break. Netflix series “Making A Murderer” has become a very popular series. Do you think Steven Avery and his nephew Brendon Dassey did it? And what does this mean for how Americans view the American criminal justice system? Spann also finally saw the latest Spike Lee Joint, “Chi-Raq” What do you think he thought about it? Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty did not seek an indictment of the officers responsible for killing Tamir Rice, and Tamir’s mother is upset with LeBron James? And later in the show, we discuss the recent arrest of Bill Cosby stemming from an assault alleged by Andrea Constand. The former assistant coach of the University of Temple Women’s Basketball Team.

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