March 26, 2016

The Spann Report (Episode 108) “Still Crying”

After a one week break. Mr. Spann returns to the mic to talk about random shit that happened on the job over the course of the week, and podcasting with an old college pal. Big Kev, from the 90/10 Rule Podcast joins us to today. Cardi B and Peter Gunz of Love & Hip Hop New York get into a back and forth over what defines a hoe, who’s right? Bernie Sanders wins both the Idaho, and Utah Caucuses during the last Super Tuesday primaries. Does he have a legitimate shot at the Democratic nomination or is it time to hang it up? And why isn’t Bernie connecting more with African American voters? We will also follow up on the latest happenings with comedian Katt Williams and the fallout from the video of him fighting a minor. We’ve got a new entry into the AssHat of The Week Hall of Fame, and a new Champ of The Week. This week on The Spann Report!

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