October 30, 2016

(Episode 131) “How Michael Jordan Stole My Life”

On Episode 131 of #TSRP Spann revels in the death of Glenn from The Walking Dead (He should have been dead a long time ago.) Rachel Dolezal is back on the scene with a new book about her life, and we contemplate book titles based on huge lies. A Trump Supporter gets caught trying to “Rig” an election, And a police officer’s wife tries to frame Black Lives Matter for a home robbery SMDH. Mary J. Blige is getting divorced from her husband Kendu Issacs, and he has a bunch of separation request. Was it cheaper to keep him? Mafia 3 has gay sex in the game, and parents are up in arms, but why now? Tyler Perry’s new movie did well at the box office, and Birth Of A Nation fans are pissed! We’ll examine why, and how it’s become a test of your blackness when it comes to your movie watching decisions. We’ve got New AssHats, and Champs this week, and more this week on The Spann Report!

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