(Episode 138) “King Kong Ain’t Got Sh*t On Me!”

#TSRP Kicks off the New Year with a new episode and a new night! Join me this Thursday 1/5/17 at 8:30 PM EST for Episode 138 of The Spann Report, as we talk dogs, Spann Family Pooch “Tyrone” now requires diapers, and he ain’t too happy about it. And in the news a family dog mauls them for trying to put a sweater on him. (I think it’s safe to say he was fed up.) A man finally decides to stop eating Chitlins, and you will be amazed at what was the final straw to get him to quit. Congressional Republicans tried to gut an ethics oversight office as they take office, only to change their minds when the public caught wind of what they were trying to do. (Donald Chump takes credit of course). And later in the show, we still have fallout from the Umar Johnson/Sara Suten Seti beef. Johnson issued an apology, but did he really? Spann will break that down as we welcome in the New Year!

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