(Episode 139) “1394 Days Until…”

On Episode 139 of #TSRP We count down the days until the next Presidential election. (Yep, we getting started early.) Also, have you guys heard that there were other black movies in the theaters right now that are garnering critical acclaim? We’ll discuss the passion, or the lack thereof of the Ankh-Right for movies like Hidden Figures, Moonlight, and Fences. Soulja Boy gives an “amazing” account of when he had to shoot somebody, telling the story only a lame nigga could, gets into a beef with Chris Brown, AND got robbed all in the course of a week! We’ll discuss that foolishness. Donald Chump’s Press Secretary asks America to stop mocking the incoming AssHat-In-Chief (Nah son, still gonna do it.) Chump also continues to try to cast doubt on the intelligence community’s assertion that Russia was behind the attacks on the DNC and the hacked E-Mails of Clinton aide John Podesta. And will Talladega College perform at the Donald Chump Inauguration, backlash against the school has risen as news emerges that the HBCU was seriously considering to go despite Chump’s racially derogatory campaign. And in other news, Gospel star Kim Burrell has an appearance on the show Ellen cancelled after video emerges of her giving a homophobic sermon at her church. It’s high time for folks in the church to stop trying to use the bible to hide their own bigotry. All of that, and the first AssHat & Champs of the Week of the new year are revealed tonight on The Spann Report!

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