(Episode 141) “Voices Of Idiocy”

Join Mr. Spann for episode 141 of The Spann Report as we talk about Steve Harvey going to meet with AssHat-In-Chief Donald Chump. John Lewis has questioned the legitimacy of Chump’s election, and as expected, Chump lashed out, was there a racial undertone to his attack? Also, Mr. Spann secretly met with Donald Chump, we have exclusive audio of how that meeting went down, and it wasn’t pretty. And finally out of all of this Donald Chump news, women who voted for Donald Chump explain their reasoning for voting for him. Logic is not one of those reasons. We have a new member of the Special Hotep Unit, and it’s no longer an all male exclusive club! And in a surprising survey, a lot of people are at the job, rubbing one out, is it you? We’ve got our new AssHat & Champ of the Week and more tonight on The Spann Report!

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