(Episode 149) “Sensitivity”

Join Mr. Spann for episode 149 of #TSRP as we talk about reckless hoopty drivers, and lying ass old heads. Jerry Sandusky’s son is behind bars for a crime that’s way too got damn familiar for this family. Detroit Tigers, and Red Wings owner Mike Illich has passed away at the age of 87. We’ll talk about his impact on Detroit, and one story of his kindness that no one really knew about until his passing. A Missouri KKK Grand Wizard met a timely end by those he would have never suspected. Too bad he was looking so hard at the wrong people (Too bad for him, joyous occasion for the rest of us.) Sexy Time with Mr. Spann makes a return, and we have another episode of The Special Hotep Unit on the way! All of that and more tonight on The Spann Report!

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