(Episode 182) “Coming Up Short”

On episode 182 of #TSRP Spann has another dream that prompts him to yet again contemplate having anything to eat before bed. Sweetest Day and who it is for is about to descend down all of your timelines if you have any friends from the Midwest, but why is this “holiday” even a thing? Is there a such thing as good dick by association? One woman seems to think so. The FDA is recommending that the standard condom size be shortened as regular condoms are too big for the average man in the United States? Love and Hip Hop Hollywood “star” Hazel E goes after black women and homosexuals in a weird Instagram rant. And did Toni Braxton really marry Birdman? Donald Trump manages to disrespect the family of a fallen soldier, then says he didn’t do it, as the family says, he did. And later in the show, we update on the Harvey Weinstein scandal, talk about racist cheerleaders from Utah, and Colin Kaepernick denied yet another opportunity to join an NFL team. We’ve got all that, some listener feedback, and MORE tonight on The Spann Report!

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