(Episode 189) “Y’all Not Gonna Believe This Sh*t”

On episode 189 of #TSRP We’re back from the holiday bustle and getting back to normal for the stretch run to Christmas. Are you still eating leftovers? CNN Contributor Angela Rye is being harassed online because of her relationship to Common? Does Common have a hive like that, or is something more sinister in the mix? Net Neutrality has been in the news a lot lately, what could this mean for the future of the internet, and could this have been prevented if we had just been a little bit more judicious at the polls LAST November? Ray Allen is in the news for Catfishing? How Sway? Trump Supporters confuse Reading Rainbow star LeVar Burton with basketball blowhard LaVar Ball. Apparently all black people look alike to these fools. We’ve got FEW new members into the Special Hotep Unit, and you guys won’t believe who the hell the Champ of The Week is this week. Hell, the shit shocked me too. We’ve got all of that, and MORE on The Spann Report!

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