March 17, 2018

(Episode 198) “WTF Did Bruno Do To Y’all?”

On episode 198 of #TSRP We are joined by another special guest. This week we have the homie Aaron, host of The Black Astronauts Podcast coming through to talk the hustle that is the game of podcasting, and setting up a burgeoning podcast network. We’ll talk about the current Bruno Mars controversy and why everyone seems to be using him as the latest example of cultural appropriation. DJ Envy confronted Desus and Mero on The Breakfast Club this week after a joke they made about his wife staying with him after cheating. How could DJ Envy have handled that situation differently? And Tariq Nasheed was giving out Alexander O’Neal vibes with a new music video called “It’s Time” so we’ll be giving that a live review as well. We’ve got all of that, plus some news from the week to get through, and of course, the AssHat and Champ of the week, plus a little bit more here on The Spann Report!


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