(Episode 199) “White Voices Don’t Go Unheard”

On episode 199 of #TSRP Spann gets a little personal after having to visit his younger brother in the hospital this past week. So we’ll talk about health and the importance of going to the doctor before something starts to become a problem, especially for black men. We have another “Cheaper To Keep Her” moment as Donald Chump Jr. has become the latest in celebrity divorce news, but not only that, he’s introducing another segment, the “Who’s Making Love?” segment makes it’s debut with his foolishness as well. We’ll dive into the news as the Orange Fuher gets a military parade approved to the tune of $30 million in taxpayer money. Republicans in Illinois make their allegiance to an unabashed American Nazi as they cast their votes in predictable numbers. March For Our Lives protesters in DC will be met with free food, and free rides around town as they demonstrate, and we’ll examine how much different the media coverage of this movement is, as well as the response from law enforcement. And our Blue Blazes segment is full of foolishness as Roseanne Barr goes on Jimmy Kimmel to explain her support of Donald Chump considering her past political stances, and the re-launch of her show. The Cussing Pastor in Memphis strikes again with another video, and in the wake of talks about cultural appropriation, two little people from Houston find themselves forehead deep in the shenanigans. We’ve got all of that, some listener feedback and of course, we’ve got our AssHat & Champ of The Week! So sit back and enjoy the show as we tackle all of this on episode 199 of The Spann Report!

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