May 6, 2018

(Ep. 12) #BNCPod “Dinosaurs Already Went Extinct Once”

The #BNCPod boys are back to talk NBA Playoffs, as the 1st round of the NBA Playoffs have come to a close and the 2nd Round begins. We’ll talk about the disappointment that is the Oklahoma City Thunder, The revelation that are the Utah Jazz, and the Raptors seemingly impossible task of getting a meaningful win against LeBron James. We’ll also talk about about NFL Free Agency, as Matt Ryan, Quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons has become the first player in the NFL to earn $30 million per season. And of course, the fellas will be full of hot takes as we Wing It again tonight. So sit back, chill, have a brew, and a wing, and kick it with The Beer N’ Chicken Podcast!


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