May 12, 2018

(Episode 207) “Insanity Check!”

On Episode 207 of #TSRP Spann welcomes Kriss, the host of The Insanity Check Podcast, and the creator of the >Movie Trailer Reviews Network of podcast. Listen in, as we once again talk about the game of podcasting, and learn about Kriss’ journey in making a successful network and business out of this medium. We then run into Blue Blazes, as Google has unveiled a new feature to it’s Google Assistant, and it’s called Duplex. It allows for the Google Assistant to make phone calls and appointments on your behalf. But the AI is extremely human like. Would you use it? Donald Glover has the nation talking after the premiere of his This Is America video, but a subsequent conversation arose around his significant other, with folks raising questions about his authenticity in blackness, because his significant other is white. Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora have all made decisions to stop promoting R. Kelly’s music, and the man who once shot at George Zimmerman has been sentenced to prison time, as we dive In The News. And of course we end the show with our AssHat & Champ of The Week winners! All of that, plus a bit of listener feedback, and a bit more this week on The Spann Report!


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