(Episode 208) “Proud To Be An American?”

After a string of great guest appearances, Mr. Spann is back with a solo show for episode 208 of #TSRP. On today’s show, Spann hops right In The News, as more details emerge about the latest school shooting that happened in Sante Fe, TX. The 22nd school shooting to happen in 2018, and Oliver North, compares the rights of gun owners to those of black folks in America. Yes, he was stupid enough to make that comparison. A Republican candidate for Commissioner in Dallas has been revealed to have a trust fund set up for his kids that rewards them if they marry a straight, and white spouse. Which takes us right into Blue Blazes, as a recent Twitter diatribe by “comedian” Josh Denny, who asserts that calling someone a “Straight White Male” is the equivalent of calling them a Nigger. Yes, these fools are showing their asses this week. Teairra Mari was the victim of revenge porn after video of her engaged in sexual acts showed up on her Instagram account. But are we too far gone cynically to believe her? And apparently there is a prison guard in New York with a huge penis, that smells terrible, sexually abusing inmates at Metropolitan Detention Center. And This Week In Racism returns as a South Carolina man paid to have his black neighbor killed and a cross burned in his yard. Tomi Lahren spouts some drivel about low-skilled immigrants are not what America is built on, and Steve Bannon, along with Cambridge Analytica sought to actively suppress black votes. All of that plus of course, we have our AssHat & Champ of The Week winners. Lots to get into this week on episode 208 of The Spann Report!


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