May 31, 2018

(Episode 210) “That Tiger Went Tiger!”

Back after the Memorial Day weekend and a trip to Chicago, Spann is ready to hit the mic running with episode 210 of #TSRP and we hop right In The News, as Kim Kardashian meets with the Orange Fuher to advocate on behalf of Alice Marie Johnson, and prison reform. But did she play herself by going? The Obamas have inked a multi year deal with Netflix to produce content for the streaming service, and conservatives across the country are threatening to cancel their subscriptions to the ubiquitous service. And Harvey Weinstein was finally arrested for sexual assualt, will Bill Cosby supporters find a new goalpost to move? Then on to Blue Blazes, as police have been found to have fabricated over 200K breathalyzer test! R. Kelly says it’s too late to bring him down. He could be absolutely right too. And Rachel Dolezal has been charged with Welfare Fraud, after investigators look into her finances after her Netflix documentary, and book deal. AND THEN, we get patriotic, as Proud To Be An American, shows us what America looks like to so many. Roseanne Barr gets her show cancelled after a racist tweet, and conservatives break their necks to do the exact same thing they swear they hate. And a Republican Congressional candidate in California, made it her business to harass a Transgender woman who was using the restroom, and had the audacity to record it. All of that AND, of course you know we’ve got our AssHat & Champ of The Week. So much to tackle this week, but we’re right back at it here on The Spann Report!


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