June 12, 2018

(Episode 211) “New Spann Time, Same Spann Madness”

On episode 211 of #TSRP we have a new night for the live shows, as the summer months are upon us, and Spann is NOT trying to tie up his weekends. LOL. We dive right In The News, as Louisiana felons have now regained their rights to vote in upcoming elections. Anthony Bourdain has passed away from an apparent suicide, and Donald Chump is having a face to face meet up with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un. We move on to Blue Blazes, as Jemele Hill’s mom shows there is nothing more ride or die than a mother from the West Side of Detroit. A man has a child with a married woman, only to find that he has no parental rights to that child. And Kanye West has confirmed that he has been diagnosed with a “mental condition.” In our Proud To Be An Americansegment, we find out that Donald Chump actually commuted the sentence of Alice Marie Johnson. A Tennessee hardware store has now banned gay customers following the Supreme Court’s ruling over a baker’s refusal to make a cake for a gay couple. And in another Supreme Court decision, Ohio now has the ability to purge thousands of voters from it’s rolls in upcoming elections. And of course you know we’ve got our AssHat & Champ of The Week winners. So much to get into, but we GOTS TO DO IT!


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