(Episode 215) “This Is Fine”

On episode 215 of #TSRP Spann opens the show with some random thoughts about local newscast, and then we hop right In The News as scammers preyed on the poor and had many of them assemble in downtown Detroit under the guise that the city was about to give them all a home. Harvey Weinstein has been indicted on 3 felony sexual assault charges as fallout from his scandal continues, and Chris Brown gets arrested AGAIN! men in Detroit somehow hacked a gas pump and were able to steal over 600 gallons of gas from a local gas station. Then we’re off to Blue Blazes, as a new game show comes out with the twist that the winners will have their student loans paid off. Witnesses who’s testimony put rapper C-Murder in jail for life have now recanted on their stories. And men in Detroit somehow hacked a gas pump and got away with over 600 gallons of gas over the course of a day. And in Sexy Time, we ponder how much people are willing to pay to have an amazing sex life. Is $100K a year too much? You decide. And in Proud To Be An American, Detroit students found out the that sometimes this country doesn’t always live up to it’s promise as a court has decided that they do NOT have a right to literacy. YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT! THEY DON’T HAVE A RIGHT TO LITERACY per the judges ruling. Speaking of judges, Donald Chump gets to make another Supreme Court Justice pick, and let’s just say, Donald Chump is definitely trying to cover his ass. Also, as Spann has been seeking to have more of a presence on YouTube with clips of the show, one of The Spann Report videos were linked with bunch of conservative black folks who were talking about #WalkAway a supposed movement of black voters and a few others moving away from the Democratic Party after they claim “the left has lost it’s mind with it’s lack of civility, and intolerance.” But is this movement real? We’ll discuss all of that and of course, we have our AssHat & Champ of The Week announcements, PLUS, Listener feedback! We got lots to get into, so let’s get right on to it this week on The Spann Report!


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