(Episode 216) “Just A Little Russian Meddling Is All”

On episode 216 of #TSRP we hop right into the craziness of the week and kick off the show with Blue Blazes. We update the story of the gas pump thieves in Detroit. A man finds out that his wife was cheating on him in the most tragic of ways, and there’s an armless man out here in the streets stabbing folks! We then hop In The News, as the world reacts to the Trump/Putin Summit, it becomes ever more clear how much racism has driven this country even from it’s own stated principles. The US Army is discharging immigrant soldiers that they previously promised citizenship to for fighting on this country’s behalf. And Democratic lawmakers are seeking to ban the current legal defense of “Gay & Trans Panic” to better prosecute cases where a Gay or Trans person was killed because of their sexual and gender identity. And in Proud To Be An American, a Trump supporter calls into a C-SPAN show to thank the Russians for interfering in the 2016 Presidential election. On Capitol Hill, interns who are wearing MAGA hats are being refused service by Uber drivers, and in yet another case of white fragility, a white CVS employee calls the police on black customers because he suspected that they were using a fake coupon. We then get to the listener feedback we’ve gotten over the course of the week from YouTube, email, and iTunes reviews. And of course we close the show out with our AssHat & Champ of The Week. So lots to get into, so lets get right into it right now here on The Spann Report!


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