September 4, 2018

(Episode 219) “Kanye Almost Got Me”

On episode 219 of #TSRP Spann is back on the mic, and we hop straight In The News, as California has decided to do away with the bail system for suspects who are awaiting trail. Will this level the playing field in a meaningful way when it comes to the criminal justice system? Detroit Public Schools were closed due to lead and copper concerns with the schools drinking waters. How much of that problem could also be attributed to the surrounding areas of those schools? And a Dallas police officer was actually found guilty in the murder of 15 year old Jordan Edwards. We then move on to Blue Blazes, as a Minnesota House Candidate raises eyebrows in a campaign ad, as he refers to himself as a nigger. Kanye West went on WGCI in Chicago and apologized for his “slavery was a choice” comments while on TMZ earlier in the year. Or did he? And in an update from a story we covered last week, a judge has ordered that monies raised in a GoFundMe campaign be turned over to the homeless man the fundraiser was for, by the people who appointed themselves stewards of the cash, after questions had been raised about if they were misappropriating those funds. In Proud To Be An American news, Donald Trump orders his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo to investigate supposed mass killings of white farmers in South Africa, after watching a segment of Tucker Carlson’s show. A Pennsylvania Republican official, resigns her position after she called NFL players who protest during the national anthem, “baboons.” And during Aretha Franklin’s funeral, Rev. Jasper Williams gave a eulogy that got quite a few side eyes on social media, as he railed against the Black Lives Matter Movement, single motherhood, and the tried and true trope of black on black crime. And of course, we’ve got our AssHat & Champ of The Week announcements. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s presentation of The Spann Report!

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