September 30, 2018

(Ep. 21) #BNCPod “Is There Really A Such Thing As A Jimmy Butler Sweepstakes?”

It’s time for episode 21 of #BNCPod the strugglecast of podcasting. On today’s show, Spann want’s to talk a little NBA Basketball, as basketball season has slowly crept back up on us. And already we’re getting hit with some news that players aren’t happy where they are. Most notably this week, Jimmy Butler of the Minnesota Timberwolves. So far Jimmy’s name has been linked with the New York Knicks, The LA Clippers, and the Miami Heat, but where exactly do the guys think he will ultimately end up, and which team would be a better fit for a man of Jimmy’s talents. And the homeboy Walt wants to get into the NFL, more specifically, the NFL’s enforcement of it’s “Roughing The Passer” penalties so far this year. Are they being too heavy handed in it’s enforcement, or is it high time the players start making the adjustments in an effort to make the game safer? And Cliff want’s to talk about Wayde Sims, the 20 year old Junior Forward for LSU’s basketball team was killed in an off campus confrontation. We’ll cover all of that, find out what the hell happened to these guys last week, and of course, We gots to WING IT tonight. So let’s get into it, grab a wing and a brew and kick it with your boys here at The Beer N’ Chicken Podcast!

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