October 23, 2018

(Episode 226) #TSRP “Credit: Things I Wished I Learned Young”

On Episode 226 of #TSRP We’re doing things a bit differently today. We’re going to be talking about Credit. Good Credit, Bad Credit, No Credit, and the things we’ve learned in how to maneuver around the credit game. And by we, Mr. Spann will be joined by J. Muddy. Muddy, who’s a longtime listener of the show is a native of New Orleans, and he and Mr. Spann linked up the last time Spann was visiting the Big Easy during the Red Dress Run festivities. It was during this link up, that this drunken Quicken Loans dude tried to sell Spann on getting a mortgage through Quicken, and the conversation around credit between these two just kind of took off. So we’ve decided to continue that conversation tonight. So hopefully tonight will be an informative, and enjoyable conversation, and we hope we can pass on a little bit of knowledge in the process. Because Spann will tell you, he’s no expert in this area, but it’s something that he’s really been paying a lot of attention to, and learning more about. But of course, this wouldn’t be The Spann Report if we didn’t do at least one segment. So we’ve got some Proud To Be An American coming your way and ourAssHat & Champ Of The Week announcements. So sit back and chill with the fellas tonight right here on The Spann Report!

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