November 1, 2018

(Episode 227) #TSRP “If It Wasn’t Important…”

On episode 227 of #TSRP we talk about what happened to trick or treating? Spann wanted to give out candy to the kids, but weren’t no damn kids! What gives? We then hop In The News, as the mid term elections are coming up next week, and the dude currently occupying the White House right now is pulling out all the racist stops to get his people to the polls. Georgia Gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp expressed his “concern” over Georgians exercising their right to vote. He’s still also refused to step down from his role as Secretary of State. And Fox News loses it’s mind after Don Lemon suggested that white men are the most dangerous terrorist threat in the United States. Then we’re off to Blue Blazes, as a young lady by the name of Treasure, went on Dr. Phil to renounce her blackness. And people ran with it, and then it was revealed to be a bunch of BS. And some of y’all played yourselves. A man was shot by his own booby trap in North Carolina while trying to feed squirrels, and Hillary Clinton found herself in some hot water while making a joke referring to black people all looking alike during an interview. Was she out of line, or were people taking her comment out of context? Then it’s Proud To Be An American time, as bombs were sent to prominent Democrats, and high profile critics of the current White House occupant. But somehow, conservative media twisted themselves in knots to suggest that the Democrats were sending the bombs to themselves. And Kanye West has decided to turn away from politics. But does that mean he’s done being Trump’s lap dog? We’ve got all of that, and of course, our AssHat & Champ of The Week. So kick it with your man Spann this week right here on The Spann Report!

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