November 14, 2018

(Episode 228) #TSRP “I Did Because They Did”

On episode 228 of #TSRP Spann is back after taking the week off to watch election results. And boy oh boy did it get popping in this last week. We start out the show with some of Listener Feedback, and then we go into Spann’s Random Thoughts, as Spirit Airlines found themselves on Spann’s shit list, friend of the show, Correy Boyd-Bell is seeing her comedy star rising as she’s being featured on TruTv’s Laff Tracks show with Cipher Sounds, and will be opening up for Monique in Chicago this coming weekend. Spann checked out her set while she was here in Detroit, and her set is definitely worth the price of admission. And because the elections were last week, Spann talks about his experience leading up to election night. Friends that are no longer, and the problems that apathy has on the communities that can least afford to be apathetic. We’re then off into Sexy Time, as a woman claims to be in an exclusive relationship with a ghost, says he’s proposed, and she’s trying to have his baby! Yeah, you read that right, I felt stupid just typing it, but we’re going to see what’s up with that. Then we go In The News, as former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, limited the use of consent decrees by the Justice Department, on his way out of the door. A court has ruled that Obama era student loan regulations must take effect after Betsy DeVos and her Dept. of Education administration have been dragging their feet on the enforcement of those regulations. Michigan legalized the recreational use of marijuana in the state, but what really happens now? And the original founders of “Blexit” have threatened Candace Owens with legal action over her use of the name, and the selling of merchandise using the name as well. Then the craziness of Blue Blazes comes along with a Strip Club closed down after they were found accepting food stamps for lap dances and drug sales. A study has found that men spend up to 7 hours a year in the bathroom just trying to get peace and quiet. And a teacher gets into a fight with student, and folks have raised almost $150K for him on GoFundMe. The craziness doesn’t stop in Proud To Be An American, as Dennis Hof, the pimp best known for his Bunny Ranch in Nevada was just elected to the Nevada state legislature. The rub is, he’s dead. And a white student enrolled at an HBCU actually “wishes she could take credit…” for the pipe bombs that were sent to the Obamas, and other vocal critics of Donald Trump. We’ve got all of that, plus of course, or AssHat & Champ of The Week announcements. It’s been two weeks y’all, and we’ve got a lot to discuss, so lets get right to the Real Talk, All The Time here on The Spann Report!

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