February 2, 2019

(Ep. 37) #BNCPod “My Homie Mahomes!”

On episode 37 of #BNCPod The fellas are getting things kicked off early because of the Super Bowl, so you guys get an early morning show before the festivities begin. We start of the show with Walt, who wants to talk about NBA All-Star game selections, namely those who got snubbed, and one man in particular, Rudy Gobert, was brought to tears about being left off of the All Star roster this year. The reigning Defensive Player of The Year is left off of the All Star team, should there be a change in how All Stars are selected in the NBA All Star Game? Then we’re off to football, or should we say, football officiating as Cliff wants to talk about the importance of the officials in this year’s Super Bowl, and why pass rushers should be worried about them in the game. And then Spann want’s to talk about the NFL Award Winners this year, from MVP, to Rookie of The Year, did these awards go to the right players, and if not, who do the guys think should have walked away with the coveted individual hardware this year? And you know the fellas will Wing It this morning. So get yourself a grilled chicken omelet, and throw down a breakfast stout, and kick it with your boys right here on The Beer N’ Chicken Podcast!

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