(Ep. 238) #TSRP “Brews & Bops”

On episode 238 of #TSRP we are joined by Deirdre of the Where’s My 40 Acres? and Craft Beer Killah podcast! We’ll pick Deirdre’s brain about how she got into podcasting, the need for more voices of black women voices in podcasting, her love of music, and how she got into the craft beer scene. And of course ya’ll know ya boy got to get some recommendations! Then we get In The News, as a new Presidential candidate hops in the ring with a campaign pledge to get black people reparations to the tune of $100 Billion! Cory Booker has also announced that he will be running for President as well. Which begs the question, will his campaign see as much scrutiny as that of Sen. Kamala Harris? And Atlanta based rapper 21 Savage, was arrested and accused of being a British national who overstayed his Visa. He now faces deportation to the United Kingdom. Then we’re off to Blue Blazes, as Lil Bow Wow, was involved in a physical altercation with a young woman that left him looking like he pissed off Wolverine, and to the arrest of both him, and the woman involved. A man is hospitalized after injecting himself with his own semen to treat back pain, yes, you read that correctly. And an Oakland County Michigan man was arrested after making an appearance on the Netflix series Dope, where he proclaimed himself one of the biggest dealers of Molly in the Metro Detroit area. We take a break from Proud To Be An American, and head straight to our AssHat and Champ of The Week announcements, and we bounce! So y’all know what it is, kick it with Mr. Spann and Deirdre right here onThe Spann Report!

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