(Ep. 42) #BNCPod “Fan Jealousies”

On episode 42 of #BNCPod it’s ALL BASKETBALL tonight. And we get right into it with Josh Smith deciding to join Ice Cube’s Big 3 Basketball league, despite the Detroit Pistons still paying him to the tune of $5.3 Million dollars this season. Got to love those guaranteed contracts don’t you?! Then we come back to the tried and true argument over whether or not Michael Jordan is the GOAT in the sport of basketball. Robert Parish, former center for the great Boston Celtics team, and one year teammate of Michael Jordan’s Championship Chicago Bulls teams doesn’t think he is. He doesn’t even believe that Jordan is in the top 3! So we’ll unpack that until the bag is all the way empty and the clothes are in the hotel drawers! And finally, we examine the exchange between Oklahoma City guard Russell Westbrook, and Utah Jazz fan Shane Keisel, that led to the fan being banned for life from ever attending another Jazz game. We’ll talk about why the relationship with the players and some of the fans go beyond the game, and start to become downright hostile. And of course we wrap it all up with our Wing It portion of the show. So kick back, grab yourself one of Walt’s favorite Bud Light Oranges and some barbecue wings, and kick it with your boys. Right here, and Right now on The Beer N’ Chicken Podcast!

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