(Ep. 14) #BWPod “Life After Lockup”

One of the shows that The Spanns love to watch together and tweet about is Love After Lockup, a reality TV show that airs on the WeTV Network. It’s a show that follows a few sets of couples, where their relationships starts with one of them having been incarcerated, and all of the challenges that their relationship endures. These folks eventually get out and set off to have a life filled with love honesty, and respect right? Right? Well not always. But we are all here for the ride.

Well, there is a spin off of that show, that continues to follow those couples after their initial meetups, and eventual marriages to see how they’re doing and boy oh boy does the drama ensue. So while Mr. & Mrs. Spann love talking about this on social media, it’s seems only fitting to give Life After Lockup the true BaeWatch Podcast treatment. So we will be reviewing each episode this season, and we hope you guys will be here right along with us for the ride!

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