(Ep. 16) #BWPod “Double Dose Of This Lockup”

Episode 16 of #BWPod is finally here after a brief mishap with the website. But have no fear, the Spanns are hear to recap the last TWO episodes of Life After Lockup. So you’re looking at about 2 hours of podcasting right now. We give our thoughts on the Risk And Regulations, and Second Chances episodes. And we even give some brief thoughts on our viewing of the movie Midsommar. And be sure to listen all the way to the end, because Mrs. Spann announces what the gift will be for the person who completes 1 simple task. This gift is the result of Mrs. Spann’s Twitter account reaching 50 followers. You could be the winner, because the task is super easy, but you have to wait till the end to find out what it is! So kick back and chill with us while we recap this tom foolery that is Life After Lockup right here on The BaeWatch Podcast!

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