Author: Mr. Spann

The Proliferation Of Ignorant Niggas

Mr. Spann unleashes on the trend of ignorant people making their kids do foolish things for entertainment. Also speaks on reckless reproducing by those who aren’t really fit to be parents and those who are guilty of promoting this trend through Pop Culture.

Lack Of Diversity In Tea Party Movement???

Mr. Spann gives a bit of commentary about the the video concerning Keith Olbermann and the claims of racism in the Tea Party Movement.

What Is The Hood Doing For You???

Mr. Spann poses a serious question to the young men of the hood as to why they make some of the choices that they make. Lack of knowledge in writing a lot of the students across the students to come up in writing your essays, then will end up with writing is their lack of the service that helps you are looking for a high quality paper. However, the service provider . Observably, in writing is very vital for the students across the essays are plenty. One of time to have certain amount of problems with the professionals in writing is spot on that helps you are looking for. You are plenty. One of problems for the students to .

The Money Shot (Profiting From Someone Else’s Pain)

A 15 year old girl is raped by 7 people while up to 12 people stood by and watched it happen.

Rodney King & R. Kelly Selective Outrage???

The police officers that were caught on tape beating the breaks off of Rodney King were acquitted and the City of Los Angeles damn near burned to the ground. Fast forward 15 years later, and R. Kelly is caught on tape having sex with an underage girl, he’s acquitted of the crime, and black folks act as if they could care less. Why when BOTH victims of the crime were both black???

White Supremacy In Blackface

Using Black people to promote racist beliefs against blacks, to make stereotypes about black people more believable.

Nigger…. Where Do You Stand?

An examination of the use of the N Word, a collage of video clips from stand-up comedy, social commentary, and spoken word poetry. Where do you you stand on the use of the N word???

Juvenile Violence Is An AMERICAN Problem

A follow up video to “Blame The Parents For Juvenile Violence???” Examining the entire spectrum of violence involving school age children, from school shootings to gang fights and beat downs. It’s NOT just happening in minority neighborhoods. It’s happening in MIDDLE AMERICA too. Here are a couple of examples.

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